The Best Off Road Caravan Brands in South Africa

How To Choose?

There is no denying the fact that locally we have some of the best-kept natural secrets worldwide. With so many scenic landscapes to choose from, it’s no wonder that travellers are opting for a holiday experience right on the doorstep of nature’s playground. With international travel being restricted for nearly two years, many South African adventurers have chosen to explore their own backyard in a very unique way. There is nothing like getting up close and personal to the bushveld and South Africa’s other scenic gems with an off road caravan. For those who are interested in giving this experience a shot, we are here to inform you of the best off road caravan brands and assist you in choosing a model fit for your needs, personality and lifestyle. Sprite Tourer Series At Kennis, we have always been big fans of the Sprite Tourer series. These caravans offer great customizability. They are no-fuss and are a great starting point for the novice as well as veteran caravaner alike. The Sprite Tourer SP is durable and can handle backroads with ease. It has an excellent suspension and features dust insulation. The Sprite Tourer SX is a 4-berth caravan. It comes with a full outside kitchen, a fridge and a freezer. What makes this off road caravan a top pick is that many additional extras can be added. You can add a front and side sheet, a groundsheet and a patio. With this gem, you can truly enjoy all the luxuries of home while roughing it in the great outdoors. Jurgens Jurgens offers luxury and comfort like no other brand. These caravans are the perfect combination of masterful engineering and complete interior opulence. These off road caravans come with an array of safety specifications as well as modern features like complete USB support, satellite TV and air conditioning. You will be equipped to camp out in style and won’t ever have to sacrifice the comforts of home. We currently have two Jurgens caravans models for sale. Choose between the Luxury Jurgens Penta Purple Edition or the Jurgens Exclusive Purple Edition. Jurgens Safari There is something about the Jurgens Safari range that just screams adventure. From the sleek, compact design to the durable body engineering. These caravans have been designed with the same masterful craftsmanship as the original Jurgens brand. The Jurgens Safari range is an off road caravan range specifically created for the terrain of Southern Africa’s unexplored locations, This brand offers four convenient sizes – you can start small with a two sleeper or upgrade to a fully equipped six sleeper which is perfect for the whole family. Visit Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes for Exceptional Service Now that we have piqued your interest, why don’t you head on over to our showroom in Witpoortjie? Our professional and knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist in choosing the best off road caravan for your next holiday. Buy a new or pre-owned off road caravan from a company that takes pride in its great customer service. Kennis has been servicing Randburg, West Rand, North West, and Gauteng for 54 years. Get in touch with us to find out more about LeisureWorld which offers all accessories to fully equip your vehicle, from solar panels to camping gear and more.