Sprite Caravans

Get Yourself A Trusty Sprite Caravan

Sprite caravans were conceived to serve a particular need, and they have done so for the better part of 70 years now. That need was for a quality caravan that most people could reasonably afford.

In 1948, Sam and Henry Alper produced caravans together. The units they produced were quite grand and heavy, with a target market of the wealthier folk, who could afford lengthy trips though the British countryside. After World War II, though, Sam realised that people were itching to have a bit of leisure time, as the world recovered, but most people could not afford the grand caravans his company were producing.

Sam thus decided to develop the first Sprite, a lightweight and comfortable camper that was not trying so hard to be a luxurious box of velvet and satin. Caravan dealers of the time were impressed by the cost, at roughly a third of the average, but doubted the quality and durability of the Sprite. It took a great show of durability to convince them, in which Sam took his Sprite on a 16000 km endurance race called the Mediterranean dash. Not only did the Sprite complete the journey, but Sam won the cup.

From there, through the rest of the 1950s and 1960s, the Sprite brand grew to popularity in Europe and also in South Africa and New Zealand. But as the 1970s went by, a recession in Western markets spelled trouble for CI Caravans, the parent company that produced Sprites, with Sam Alper as chairman. As the 1980s were dawning, CI Caravans went into liquidation and reformed into a much smaller organisation no longer headed by Sam Alper.

Since then, Sprites have continued to be competitive entry-level campers. The 2020 range included eight models, with customizable interiors and a wide range of options for the buyer. The designs have been revised countless times over the years, to stay current with technological improvements and consumer demand, and yet the philosophy of value-for-money and reliability remains.

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