Off-Road Caravans – Revel in a History of Adventure

Caravanning has a long-standing and fascinating history that dates back to travelling showmen and Romani travelers in Europe in the early 19th century. By the 1920s, caravanning was deemed as a popular recreational activity by many North Americans and soon gained its lasting status as a family friendly holiday across the globe. Why is it so popular you might wonder? Well, off-road caravans and their road-bound counterparts allow holiday goers to explore the open road without breaking the bank.

Since they offer self-catering solutions, they also mean that you can prepare all meals yourself and thus caravans provide a home-away-from-home experience. To this day, caravanning in off-road caravans and motorhomes is a big industry across the world and much enjoyed by many South Africans.

We are truly spoilt when it comes to caravanning destinations in South Africa. Most of us can drive for an hour in any direction and will be met with boundless beauty, open roads, and a number of camping-friendly spots for families and pets alike. Off-road caravans are particularly popular amongst those who enjoy exploring rugged terrains or the road less travelled and offer drivers and passengers more outstanding durability and peace of mind.