Off Road Caravans for Your Next Holiday Adventure

It’s almost that time of year when we like to get out of the house and unplug for a while. With the December holidays coming up quickly, now’s the best time to purchase a caravan, motorhome or camping trailer. At Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes, we’ve got a selection to suit every camper, even those who prefer to hit the dirt for some off road sightseeing.

Off road caravans are a tough breed that can be spotted kicking up dust all over the world. Especially as campsites get crowded around the holiday times, they come in very handy for getting to those sites that are further off the beaten path. Since usually caravans are quite bulky and cumbersome, off road driving requires a special breed of camper.

One example of such a tough trekker is the Jurgens Safari Xcape, which we have available right now at our lot in Roodepoort, Gauteng. With a tare of only 1774kg, this model is nimble on the dirt. The height, in transit, is also only 2.17m, making trees and other overhead obstacles much easier to avoid when the going gets tricky. The tucked tail that you’ll find on this and many other rugged caravans is a tell-tale sign of off road prowess. This prevents scraping when dealing with an inclination change, such as in some driveways or out on the trails.

It’s not just about getting there though, and the Jurgens Safari Xcape is a caravan above all else. A feast of amenities fills up every bit of space on the body of this caravan. It has:

· A 2-burner gas stove

· Wash-up bowl

· 60LSnoMaster Fridge/freezer

· Gas-powered Geyser for hot water and showers

· 60L water tank with pump

· 2 gas bottles with regulators

· 2 jerry cans of 25L each

· 220V power sockets for all your devices

· Sizeable exterior pantry with work surfaces

· Fold-out bed for an increased sense of space on the interior

· Awning fitted standard

· Much more!

The Jurgens Safari Xcape has so much to offer, and at a very competitive price compared to other comparable off road caravans on the market. Feel free to stop by and have a look and a chat with our team about this caravan or have a closer look HERE for more details.

This is just one taste of the range of options you’ll find at our premises. Particularly if off road driving is your thing, we offer a wide range of vehicle accessories as well, from winches to suspension to solar panels and all the rest, we’ll have your vehicle rigged and ready for the ride of its life.

To enhance your camping holiday experience even further, our big camping goods store is a great place to browse for handy little gadgets and camping supplies. You’ll be able to hit the road stocked with quality items, prepared for all your trip has to offer. You can check our full selection of products easily on our webpage.

Contact us here for more information about any of our caravans or services, and let’s get you out there having a good time.