Here is Why First-time Buyers Trust Our Second hand Caravans for Sale

Who doesn’t love the idea of hitting the open road with a few essentials, and discovering all our breathtaking country has to offer? South Africa is known for its untamed wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes, and magnificent coastal vistas. Many who stay here have still not explored the beauty of our local, picturesque towns or the scenic roads that take people there. Caravan road trips have regained popularity because they allow individuals and families to explore the country affordably. Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash to invest in the latest model or best brands. Our dealership, however, makes it possible with our second hand caravans for sale.

Are Private Caravans for Sale the Best Option?

First-time buyers often mistakenly think that a private sale is the best method of purchasing second hand caravans, when in fact, it may be exceptionally risky. Private sales are sometimes much more expensive than models purchased at dealers, and there is no guarantee that the caravan you buy is in the best of conditions. Buyers often realise too late that they have invested a lot of money into a model with leaks, wood rot, mould, or axles damaged by potholes. Buying models for sale through a reputable dealer like Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes means that your investment is safe. We ensure that vehicles are pre-checked and fully serviced – and all this at an affordable rate. To us, your peace of mind is essential, and we put in the work to make your purchase worth your while.

Second Hand Caravans for Sale: What Are the benefits?

A reputable supplier, such as ours, will ensure that you’re your caravan is as good as new – and that your experience with it still offers luxury, comfort, and style. The first, and biggest, draw of second hand caravans for sale is that they are a more affordable option than their newer counterparts. Saving money with a second hand caravan means:

  • You have more cash to spend on that long-awaited road trip. Travelling with a caravan will significantly lower your accommodation costs, but still offers you the comfort and convenience paired with premium accommodation.

  • You get more for your money. Sure, you could opt for a brand-new, smaller model – but you could also decide on a pre-owned product with a larger layout, style and luxury equal to its newer counterparts and more bang for your buck. They are also smart investments as they retain value better than newer models if they are well-looked after.

  • Some have after-market fittings that have been customised to better living. If you are a fan of these additions, you can purchase one with such extra trimmings.

  • It’s a great way to start. Pre-owned caravans for sale are a more cost-friendly way to kickstart your travels and explore the hobby. If you feel the need for an upgrade later, you can always trade yours in for a new model at an excellent resale price.

With us, “second hand” never means second-best. Our first-in-class offerings undergo stringent checks and assessments to ensure that the highest industry standards are maintained. When investing in a pre-loved caravan from us, you can trust that you are making an informed purchase.

To find out more about the models we currently have for sale, or how to go about purchasing a caravan or motorhome, be sure to contact us today.