Have You Looked at Used Caravans for Sale?

There is nothing more vivid than childhood memories of summer holidays, which is why there is something deeply nostalgic about caravans and motorhomes. Even if you never had one, they remain a symbol of freedom, adventure, and endless summers. Like swimming pools, everybody knew someone who had one and were always a little envious. Perhaps your dad would always say that you would get one when they were on sale.

When you see a caravan or motorhome, known as leisure accommodation vehicles, you can almost smell the braai, almost hear the muffled sound of test cricket on a nearby radio, and almost see the kids running around laughing. We all remember fishing, putting up tents, swimming in the hot sun, eating NikNaks and boerewors rolls, drinking Steri Stumpies, being covered in sunblock, and wearing hats too big for us.

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, other than the obvious need to follow protocols, there is a general desire to escape to see new things or visit beloved family locations, and a deep sense of nostalgia thinking back on what was. What better way to find yourself on an adventure with your family than in a leisure accommodation vehicle?

Where are Used Caravans for Sale?

At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, you can begin to recreate summer memories with the next generation with new and used leisure vehicles. Whether you like to call them used, pre-loved, or pre-owned, we have a comprehensive range of used leisure accommodation vehicles available for sale.

At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, recognised quality brands are what you will find for sale. We have separate pages dedicated to used caravans, used motorhomes, and used camper trailers respectively. There is also an option to sell your leisure accommodation vehicle or trade in your existing rig for something bigger. With such a great range available, why not?

If you are looking to be a new owner, you might need to learn the lingo.

A caravan with a single set of wheels is called a “single axe”, and the “noseweight” refers to the vertical weight that a caravan puts on the car’s tow bars. The “pigtail” refers to the fixture on a tow that holds the breakaway cable. If motorhomes are more your speed, you will have to learn that a “high top” is a type of motorhome with an added fixed roof to allow more headroom, and a “low-profile” motorhome is a form of coach-built motorhome without an over cab area. Do not worry, our helpful staff will show you the ropes an apprise you of what is on sale.

Caravans, mobile homes, and camping trailers are part of a great South African tradition of holidaying outdoors. We have everything for sale that you will need to give you the ultimate outdoor holiday experience. We also provide pages on our website with helpful tips to get the most out of your vacations with the whole family.

Visit us in Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, at 6 Ontdekkers Road to find the caravan, motorhome, or camping trailer that will take you on new holidays with your family that they can fondly remember.