Different Types of Jurgens Caravans on Offer

The Jurgens Caravans on Offer at Kennis

For many people, a holiday involving camping is totally out of the question during the winter months. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there has never been a better time to go exploring some of the country's lesser-known regions. You don’t even have to sacrifice the comforts of home and can camp out in style with one of the luxurious Jurgens caravans. Or perhaps you are a more adventurous sort and would prefer to explore untouched landscapes. If so, then choose one of the Jurgens Safari off-road Caravans and enjoy a unique holiday experience. At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we offer an excellent range of Jurgens caravans to choose from. Below you can find a guide to get more information about the different campers we have on sale. The Penta Purple Edition The Purple Edition is a classic no-fuss four-berth caravan. It offers two sleeping solutions, with a double dinette/nighttime double bed in the front and an island-fixed double bed in the rear. You can bring your whole family along and enjoy camping without missing the comforts of your warm bed. Some of this model’s newest features include redesigned ‘H’bars for lifting the roof, a high-gloss fibreglass interior roof lining, a table, and cupboard surfaces. The compact interior offers storage space in the various lockers and cupboards, as well as easy-to-access storage under the bed. With its beautiful design as well as masterful engineering, it’s no small wonder that these campers are still a favourite among enthusiasts. The dimensions are easy to handle. The tare/ GVM comes in at 1535 Kg/1765 Kg respectively. The model also offers some great modern features like fast-charging USB ports and bedroom control panels. The Exclusive Purple Edition If you are interested in enjoying a lavish holiday experience, the Exclusive Purple Edition is a perfect choice. This model offers top-of-the-range features and is one of the most spacious of all the Jurgens caravans. The interior has been designed to be sleek, modern and modular. It almost feels like you are camping in a splendid hotel room. The spacious bedroom showcases an island bed and a comfortable bathroom. The model also offers great safety features like emergency assist lighting and an auto stabilizing system. Though the dimensions and weight are higher than the Penta Purple Edition, we believe that it’s well worth the payload. The Safari Range These versatile 4X4 Jurgens caravans are the ideal choice for the off-road traveller. The compact design means it can be transported easily over untraversed terrain. With very easy setup and pack-up solutions, these snappy off-road campers are excellent for trips to hard-to-reach destinations. We offer four convenient sizes from our smaller two-sleeper models, like the Safari Trooper, to the heavy-duty Safari Xplorer for family adventures in the wild bushveld and beyond. We Offer Great Service and Great Deals on Jurgens Caravans Visit our showroom in Witpoortjie to view the Jurgens caravans in person. We promise they are even more impressive in person. Our professional and knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist you in choosing a caravan for your next trip. Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes has been an established name in Randburg, West Rand, North West, and Gauteng for 54 years and we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. Get in touch with us to find out more about LeisureWorld which offers all accessories to fully equip your vehicle combo.