Choosing Off-Road Caravans

Choosing Off-Road Caravans

At Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes, we have a great range to choose from. Among these are a few off-road models that can follow you to exactly the place you want to go, no questions asked. There are some important things to look out for when choosing an off-road caravan, so do not forget these points:

Strength and Handling

Regardless of exactly how rough the terrain is where you plan on going, a good frame is essential for off-roading. Galvanised frames are a standard, and some manufacturers even add powder coating for extra chip and scratch resistance.

Another thing to consider when taking your caravan off-road is the rims. Steel rims are nice and cheap, but softer, while alloy rims resist denting, for a price. There is more to it than that though – if your alloy rim takes a very hard knock, there is a chance that it will crack and be completely unusable. Steel rims, on the other hand, will simply dent, and then you at least have the option of hammering the rim back into a roughly useable condition. Choose wisely.

Suspension and weight are also important for off-road driving. High-quality independent suspension might cost more initially but save you from a roll that could total your caravan and vehicle. Also, you might not want the biggest caravan around if you plan on going into especially tough regions with lots of obstacles and sandy or muddy stretches.