Off Road Jurgens Safari XT160


Paint warranty
Independent swing-arm suspension
Run-in brakes
Removable jockey wheel
Hot-dipped galvanised chassis
Tailgate and two side hatches
Two 20L Jerry Can Brackets
Emergency Kit (Spare wheel, wheel spanner, triangle, fire extinguisher, spade and axe)
Full trailer tent
Two 4,5kg gas cylinders
Double wash basin and table
Built-in geyser
Tailgate double slide (Easy access for up to eight ammo boxes, 4 ammo boxes are included)
90L dual fridge/freezer and gas stove
Built-in cutlery and crockert cupboard with hot and cold water tap
Dual deep-cycle batteries with 12V power for the geyser
3 LED lights
4 Hella plugs
Please note: A fully loaded XT160 requires a tow vehicle with a minimum TARE mass of 1600kg.