Pre-Owned Motorhomes: Second-Hand Value Meets First-Class Quality

Opting to buy one of our second-hand motorhomes does not mean that you have to compromise on quality and style. Second-hand models offer customers an affordable way to purchase motorhomes without having to worry about financing their vehicle or pay off hefty loans. In the current economic climate, many are choosing to buy pre-owned models for their caravanning adventures. When bought from a reputable dealer, they will have gone through extensive quality checks to ensure that they are as good as new. Well-built motorhomes can last for decades and can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to embark on fantastic adventures on the open road. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many are starting to plan their holiday getaways and one of our second-hand motorhomes might just be the perfect addition to your family and your upcoming camping plans.

We have a range of models when it comes to our second-hand picks and strive to amalgamate fantastic value with top-class quality. Long gone are the days when second-hand meant that customers would have to compromise on quality. Our range of pre-owned picks includes a number of well-trusted brands, including Toyota, Mercedes, Citroën, Discoverer, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, and more. Customers are encouraged to view our second-hand motorhomes for themselves and experience our expansive range. Every vehicle is extensively examined to ensure that it meets our criteria, and we give clients the peace of mind that their purchases will last for a number of years.

Why Choose Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes for Your Pre-Owned Campers?

When it comes to caravans and motorhomes, we have over five decades of experience in the business. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of all things related to camping and constantly strive to source superior pre-owned vehicles that last. Whether you are looking for new or pre-owned options, we have something for you and your unique budget and style needs. We also have our own independent 4x4 centre and can thus accessorise your vehicles as needed.

If you are interested in one of our products – new or pre-owned – then contact us today via our online query form or by phone on 011 664 7000. Test driving vehicles and viewing them is available by appointment during the current lockdown level and customers are encouraged to contact us to arrange a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and to being your number-one caravan and motorhome supplier!


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