Second-Hand Caravans

Second-Hand Caravans from Kennis: The Best Pre-Loved Models in Town

When it comes to all things adventure, Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes has you covered. we were established over 50 years ago and we strive to offer our customers top-quality products that boast great value for money and ease of use. Our large selection of second-hand caravans is perfect for anyone who loves to go on adventures well off the beaten track. Whether you are planning your next seaside getaway with the family or a brave trek through the Bushveld, we have a pre-loved model that will suit your unique requirements and budgetary needs. Our towables are eminently suited to both the fearless traveller and those who would, instead, prefer to meander leisurely through the path more travelled.

Our second-hand caravans are quality checked before they go onto our showroom floor. We take the stress out of caravan shopping to ensure that your investment will yield many years of safe adventure and fun. Our pre-owned picks include an array of leading brands, amongst which are Jurgens, Gypsy, Wilk, and Sprite. We thus offer you truly well-known, national brands, for a fraction of their original price when they were new. We happily invite customers to our showroom in Roodepoort, Gauteng to come and test these beauties for themselves.

We pride ourselves on the comfort, functionality, and quality of our vehicles and know you will be impressed with them too. The models available embody a diverse range of features and features and accessories available on some of them include fully functioning kitchens, braai areas, double sleeping quarters, satellite dishes, and much more. Our 4x4@Kennis fitment centre and leisure shop will ensure that your vehicle is fully equipped with the technology and gadgets of your choice. It will then be configurated to your unique needs.


Why Second-Hand Caravans Might Just Be the Best for You!

Second-hand caravans are an excellent idea for novice caravanners and seasoned professionals alike. The key benefit of them is the price factor. These models embody all the elements of a brand-new model (safety features, comfort, quality, and style) but sell for a lot less than a new one fresh off the production line. If you are new to caravanning or want to spend your hard-earned cash on making the most of every adventure, a pre-owned model might just be the best investment for you.

Contact us today to check out our impressive selection of second-hand caravans. Whether you’re looking for an old-school classic to accompany your next surfing soiree or a beastly model to traverse those unchartered territories, we have the ideal mobile home for you. Our friendly staff are passionate about finding the perfect model for each customer and will utilise their expert knowledge to find a camper that suits all your needs.

When it comes to caravanning, Kennis is a company who cares. We put the heart in your camping adventures and take the stress and trouble out of testing pre-owned vehicles. While we are taking care of the admin, we will let you plan your next camping extravaganza.


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