Off-road Caravans

Off-Road Caravans: The Perfect Pick for The Intrepid Traveller

If you are passionate about overlanding or exploring remote areas, you might want to enlist one of the off-road caravans now available to be your sidekick on such an adventure. These models are specifically designed to be towed behind your off-road vehicle or 4x4 and are thus perfectly suited to anyone who wants to journey through the unknown. Whatever your needs, we are confident that we can help you today.

Here at Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we pride ourselves on caravans that boast durability, top quality, and versatility. We are an authorised Echo 4x4 dealer and have a range of off-road options on hand to suit all types of travellers. Whether you are looking for a 5-star luxury model that can confidently tackle any terrain or a basic one that does the job well, we have a camper that will suit your style and budget.

What We Offer for Anyone with A Passion for Off-Road Travel

Our all-terrain towables are designed with ergonomics in mind. We aim to deliver products that will enhance every journey and bring comfort to the fore. Our off-road selection can be easily accessed via our online catalogue and includes a range of models, including Chobe, Kavango, and Kunene. Our ranges are then further subdivided into various designs, each with its own unique features and additional extras. Customers have a choice between standard caravans or more advanced ones with additional features. Whatever you decide on, all our off-road caravans are optimised to make light work of even the worst roads.

Our campers are built to last and are created with fibreglass monocoque outer shells and these are, consequently, corrosion-free. Many include rain gutters, mud flaps, a tent, and industrial carpeting for added durability. They are also equipped with a standard caravan kitchen that includes a dual-plate gas stove, washbasin, and fold-out counters. They also house an array of electrical features; these may include anything from LED lights to pressure pumps. Users can also select a range of optional extras, including quiet generators, side walls, condensation sheets, gas-geyser systems, and much more besides.

Call us today and one of our friendly consultants will help you to find the best camper for all your travel needs. We will gladly talk you through the specs of each off-road camper and invite you to our showroom in Roodepoort, Gauteng to experience the adventure first-hand.


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