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South Africa is a beautiful country with some extraordinary landscapes and off-road trails. It also offers a selection of national parks and wildlife reserves. Therefore, it is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. If you love the great outdoors, our products are perfect for your getaway weekends and holidays. Aside from our regular caravans and trailers, we also offer off-road versions from Echo 4x4 Centre. These trailers and caravans are purposefully designed for driving on gravel roads and off-road terrain.

Echo 4x4 products are built to withstand the beating of travelling over rough and uneven terrain. With most outdoor destinations such as camping sites and 4x4 trails, you will need a vehicle that can get you there. Therefore, most outdoor enthusiasts drive SUVs or bakkies that have the ability to deal with such conditions. Now, you can hook up a trailer or caravan that will keep pace with your off-road vehicle. As a result, you can turn your focus to the road ahead as opposed to worrying about the towable behind.

Adapting to the Challenges

Travelling off-road is vastly different from driving on a smooth stretch of tarmac. Unexpected bumps and dips will test the chassis and suspension of a vehicle. Therefore, a regular car is like a fish out of water in such an environment. Echo 4x4 answers the need for a caravan or trailer that is designed to handle off-roading. These products feature uniquely designed and modified parts to meet the challenges of the bush. Echo 4x4’s selection of off-road caravans and trailers are just the products adventurers need.

A regular caravan or trailer is shaped to reduce aerodynamic drag over the outer shell while driving at speed. They mostly have single axles with skinny tyres. These elements are ideal for efficient driving on a long, smooth, roads. However, they are terrible for traversing off-road terrain. Echo 4x4 delivers trailers and caravans for this type of use. Ground clearance is increased by raising the chassis to create more room underneath the body. This also allows larger and fatter off-road tyres and wheels to be used. The outer shell is also manufactured from a more durable material to protect it from flying stones and other debris.

Our range of Echo 4x4 products includes a selection of off-road trailers and caravans. They are available in different models to cater to a large spectrum of needs. Some trailers also have the functionality to add a tent to its side. The robust design of these off-road trailers and caravans will fit in perfectly with your off-road vehicle of choice. Now, you can enjoy off-roading without constantly looking in the rear-view mirror to check if the trailer is still in one piece. You can also bring along your off-road caravan for a weekend of trailblazing.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is your first choice when it comes to new and used trailers, motorhomes, and caravans. Our range of Echo 4x4 products will ensure that your off-road driving experience does not end in tears. For more information on our available trailers and caravans, please browse our website for images and specifications of all our products.

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