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Jurgens is a well-known local brand of caravans. Many people living in South Africa enjoy camping to spend some time away from the concrete jungle. This country is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts because it offers some of the most beautiful and scenic campsites found anywhere. We also have some of the best 4x4 trails to enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts commonly drive tough SUVs or bakkies with their towables hitched to the rear of the vehicle.

Camping is very enjoyable when you have the right gear. Some people prefer to sleep in tents, while others prefer the comfort of a mattress underneath them. Caravans bring some basic comforts to the outdoors and they also add some ablution and food-preparation facilities to use when camping. Jurgens models are available in different sizes and models to cater to your needs, from streamlined luxury to off-road functionality. The choice is yours.

Buying the Perfect Caravan

Caravans are an investment in your quality of life. Therefore, it is wise to buy a model that caters to your needs. The Jurgens Classique is an ideal example of a streamlined model that is designed for the open road. At a glance, you can already see that this model will deliver the qualities expected of a top brand. The Exclusive is a larger model with some extra room to enjoy on your getaway. This model has a tandem axle to deal with the increased size and weight. It is also available in a DeLuxe version.

The Safari range from Jurgens delivers an option for those who love going off-road. A regular caravan is not designed or built for off-road travelling but the Safari range flips the script on conventional designs. The floor of the trailer is raised for extra and much-needed ground clearance. This also creates the room for larger off-road wheels and tyres for better grip on loose terrain. The outer shell is reinforced to minimise potential damage from flying stones when driving on off-road terrain. The Xcape is ideal for those who want to take their trailer with them when turning off the beaten path. The Xplorer is a larger version of the Xcape if you need some more room on your getaway.

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