Off-Road Caravans

Off-Road Caravans

Caravans are uniquely designed trailers that serve as a home away from home when camping. They normally feature a single axle with rather small, road-biased wheels and tyres. The outer shell typically has a low-riding, streamlined shape. Both these elements optimise the fuel economy and stability of the vehicle towing them, should you be driving on a smooth and open stretch of tarmac road at highway speeds. However, the concept doesn’t work well at all once the road ends and a narrow gravel track lies ahead. Usually, campers drive 4x4 vehicles to cope with this.

A proper 4x4 bakkie or SUV has the ability to deal with rough and uneven terrain easily. Such a vehicle features a raised suspension system, reinforced chassis, larger wheels and tyres, and low-range transmission to traverse tricky terrain. Now, you can buy a caravan that is designed for off-roading purposes as well. Although most trailers are made for smooth roads, ours are designed to handle the punishment of off-road terrain. We offer some options in terms of 4x4 caravans too, with both new and used models to choose from.

The Echo Difference

Echo 4x4’s range of off-road caravans available through Kennis delivers a unique and purpose-built solution for those who want to take their trailers where regular ones can’t go. These models have rugged shells that are designed to withstand flying debris and stones from the tow vehicle. Wind resistance is not important when travelling at low speeds on gravel roads and these trailers’ utility value is, therefore, not limited by aerodynamic constraints. With various hatches and storage compartments at your disposal, you will have access to more than enough space on your journey.

In most cases, when a new concept for a trailer is released, it is normally available in only a handful of sizes. But Echo offers an extensive selection of off-road trailers and caravans to ensure that you can buy the model that best caters to your needs. These trailers feature raised suspension for increased ground clearance. They also feature bigger, off-road wheels and tyres for better grip when dealing with loose terrain. With all these modifications, you can sit comfortably in your 4x4 and take your trailer wherever your vehicle can tow it. You will no longer be limited by rough terrain or tricky roads that could damage a fragile on-road trailer.

Freedom is waiting for you in the form of an Echo 4x4 caravan or trailer. These trailers are of the best quality and can dramatically change the way you camp. Most campsites are only accessible via gravel roads or traversing some off-road terrain. With a trailer that can handle the outdoor environment, you have easy access to these places. Therefore, we can help you to broaden your horizons and open up new possibilities for family camping vacations.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is your first choice when you want a trailer that will keep up with your 4x4. We offer a wide selection of new and used models, including some off-road variants. For more information on these caravans and trailers, please browse our website for listings on used models. Get the trailer that suits your needs today.


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