A Large Selection of Used Caravans

A Large Selection of Used Caravans

Cars, trailers, and caravans can be very expensive if you want to buy a brand-new one. As a result, the market for used models is awash with more-affordable choices. With lower prices and a broader scope from which to choose, it makes sense to browse through these options when you want to buy. We offer a wide selection of used options at sensible prices. Whether you want a standard model that is suited for the open road or one that is designed to handle off-road terrain, we can be of service to you.

Most outdoor enthusiasts love to break away from the busy city life and find solace in nature and they usually drive 4x4 vehicles that can handle tricky terrain. Such vehicles are suited to the challenges of the bush, which makes them the perfect type of vehicle to go on holiday with. With such a lifestyle vehicle, it makes sense to own a caravan as well. The latter dictates the planned route to a destination, as normal, road-biased models cannot traverse bad roads. However, with an Echo model or a Jurgens Safari on your side, these limitations become a thing of the past.

Streamlined vs Off-Road

Streamlined, low-riding trailers are designed to improve airflow over the body of the trailer. These trailers also have small wheels and tyres made to be used on smooth roads only. They are designed to optimise highway fuel economy and stability for the vehicle that tows them. We offer a myriad of used caravans and trailers that fall under this category. Although a streamlined model is ideal for long journeys, they fall short regarding their ability to deal with unpredictable terrain.

When towing a normal trailer, your immediate instinct is to slow down to crawl once you hit bad gravel. This is necessary to ensure that it is not damaged when driving on such a road. Our selection of used Echo and Jurgens Safari caravans are designed for these conditions. With increased ground clearance and suspension travel, they can handle sudden bumps and dips in the road. The larger wheels and tyres also assist with finding grip on loose surfaces and better absorbing those big bumps.

 Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is your first choice in used trailers and caravans from leading brands in the industry. Please browse our website for complete listings on our available used models. Whether you want a trailer for the open road or for challenging off-road terrain, we have you covered. Expand your horizons with us on your side.

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