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Caravans are ideal for camping trips over weekends and holidays, bringing some basic comforts of home to the great outdoors. Normally, camping gear would include a tent and a sleeping bag. With caravans, campers have access to a comfortable bed, ablution facilities, and a kitchenette. Therefore, it is a no-brainer for most outdoor enthusiasts to camp in this type of style and luxury. We offer a selection of used models at sensible prices from a range of manufacturers, including Gypsey. We now also offer off-road models, which are optimised for off-road travelling and made by Echo 4x4 Centre.

South Africa is awash with amazing campsites, most of which have their own caravan parks. The biggest hurdle to cross is to decide which campsite you are going to. Since the majority of people in Gauteng live in the cities and metropolitan areas, there will usually be some driving to be done to get to your destination. Our selection of second-hand Gypsey models has various features that make them ideal for you. These models can sleep up to four people, making them perfect for family holidays. For most of the trip, the road might be paved and smooth, followed by a dirt road or off-road trail that leads to the campsite.


The Benefits of Caravanning

Towing large caravans like the Gypsey models requires a vehicle with enough power. Most outdoor enthusiasts in South Africa drive bakkies or SUVs and these vehicles are generally ideally suited for the job. By hitching a heavy towable to such a vehicle, the rear end deals with an increase in weight, which will inevitably affect the handling of the car. The attachment point will also deal with numerous dynamic forces. Therefore, a proper inspection is highly recommended once the trailer is attached to ensure that everything is in order before setting off.

The biggest benefit of the road-biased Gypsey caravans comes to light on the open road. They are streamlined, which optimises the airflow over the outer shell. This aids the towing combination’s aerodynamics and improves towing stability and fuel consumption. Wind resistance plays a pivotal part in the stability of a vehicle travelling at speed, especially when towing something big and bluff. By having a streamlined towable behind your vehicle, these effects are minimised and your vehicle will stay stable and controlled on the open road.

When travelling on dirt roads with luxury caravans, things can get a little tricky. Luckily, Gypsey models are built with quality and durability in mind. The trick is to avoid big bumps and potholes and keep your speed well down. Reducing your speed will also allow you to better react to obstacles in the road. Therefore, some dirt-road driving is still on the cards in a road-biased caravan, as long as the approach is “slow and steady” rather speeding and potentially suffering damage.

Kennis is your first choice in used Gypsey caravans for sale at sensible prices. For more on our available selection, please peruse our website for prices, images, and specifications on each model. Bring some luxury to the campsite and enjoy the great outdoors your way.


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