Off-Road 4x4 Trailers from Echo

Trailers are great for extending the available storage space when on a camping trip or holiday because they can be used to store all manner of luggage and equipment. With a huge and ever-expanding community of outdoor enthusiasts in South Africa, it is easy to see why these towables have become so popular. However, towing off-road has its own set of challenges, so we now also offer a wide range of off-road-ready models from Echo 4x4 that have unique features to make sure they can keep up with your vehicle.

When you buy a vehicle, you have specific criteria that determine which type you will be shopping for. For an outdoor enthusiast, a bakkie or SUV is a logical choice. These vehicles have raised and reinforced suspension systems with larger wheels and tyres. They are also 4WD for the most part, giving you the control to come out on top when the going gets tough. However, regular trailers normally struggle to keep up once the tarmac ends and the convoy heads off the beaten path. Luckily, Echo 4x4 has a solution.

Echo 4x4’s selection of off-road trailers is built for off-road driving. The body is raised to grant more ground clearance, which makes room for larger wheels and tyres as well. The increased diameter of the wheels helps smoothing out all the small bumps and dips in the road. The increased ground clearance also assists in avoiding bottoming out when dealing with big bumps. When driving off-road, a lot of debris is being flung up by the tow vehicle. Therefore, the towable’s outer shell should be manufactured using durable materials to take a beating and not suffer any structural damage.

These trailers are robustly constructed and their outer shells feature a low-profile design for the driver to have clear visibility when looking in the rear-view mirror. This design’s low centre of gravity helps keep the towing combination stable when driving on gravel and dirt. They also feature numerous storage areas, dependent on the model, to give you more than enough storage room for all your essentials. Now, you can have any one of the Echo 4x4 off-road trailers, knowing it will keep up with your bakkie or SUV when going off-road and dealing with unpredictable road conditions.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is your supplier of Echo 4x4 off-road trailers. For more on these robust lifestyle products, please browse our website for images and specifications. Don’t let your towables determine which road you must take. Have the freedom to tackle those trails with ease.


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