Echo 4x4 Trailers Now Available at Kennis

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the freedom and tranquillity of the bush. It is here where the rush of daily city life fades away to a mere memory. Camping is a very popular way of enjoying nature in South Africa; however, the roads leading to many of the best campsites are neither smooth nor paved. As a result, most outdoor junkies drive 4x4 vehicles that can conquer challenging terrain. If they want to hitch a trailer to their vehicle, it can pose a problem when hitting the gravel roads. Luckily, Kennis now sells Echo 4x4 trailers!

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes specialises in giving our customers an all-inclusive range of new and used trailers, caravans, and motorhomes to choose from. Whether you want a streamlined model that is ideal for highway driving or an off-road version, we have you covered. Echo 4x4 features a range of off-road designs that will allow you to take on gravel roads – and they are now available through us.

Taking It Off-Road

Camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing. You remove yourself from an urban environment and enjoy nature instead. But it can be a real hassle to set everything up and ensure that there is enough storage space in your vehicle. an Echo 4x4 trailer is a breeze to tow, even fully loaded on off-road terrain. They are built to withstand the challenges of gravel roads and the bush’s off-road trails. As a result, they will keep up with your SUV or bakkie when you go camping off the beaten track.
The Echo Roadster All-Terrain 4x4 trailers are streamlined, so they are ideal for the open road, but they have off-road functionality as well. This brings together the best of two worlds, delivering a versatile and spacious model that can be used for various purposes. A streamlined, low-profile design is ideal for travelling on the highway, as its low frontal area means less drag and, as a result, better fuel economy and stability at speed. When looking at the undercarriage, the raised chassis ensures that you have plenty of ground clearance and also allows for bigger wheels and tyres to deal with off-road terrain more effectively.

If you need something more robust and suited to off-road use, the Echo 1 is an ideal choice. This trailer is suitable for almost any 4x4 journey, with all the necessary bells and whistles included. The body has a lot of storage space and the painted steel chassis has rear support struts and more than enough ground clearance to easily traverse off-road terrain. The wheels are 15-inch steel rims on which the off-road tyres are mounted. With their ample size, the wheels can deal with bumpy terrain and elevation changes more easily. The shell is also adequately protected against flying stones.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is your supplier of Echo 4x4 trailers. We feature a wide selection of caravans and motorhomes to help you make the most of your camping trips. For more information on all our available products, please peruse our website for images and specifications. Choose us today and enjoy the great outdoors with quality equipment on your side.

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