Venturing Off the Beaten Path

Venturing Off the Beaten Path

Camping is a fun way to enjoy a long weekend or a holiday in South Africa. Our country has a vast variety of campsites and remote locations that are ideal for enjoying nature. Many camping enthusiasts drive bakkies or SUVs that are suited to the off-road environment associated with camping. These vehicles also provide the necessary space to ensure that you can stock up for a couple of days in the great outdoors. With a variety of ways to approach camping, caravans can bring some luxury to your trip, as opposed to sleeping in a tent on an air mattress.

The biggest problem with most road-biased caravans is that they cannot go off-road. Road-biased versions are designed to skim the tarmac and be as streamlined as possible at speed on the highway. They have small wheels and tyres and very little ground clearance. The moment the road becomes uneven, they snag on the first undulation. In many cases, they are so low that you cannot even negotiate a normal dirt road with them. Luckily, there is a solution.

Off-road caravans were born out of the necessity to cope with travelling over unpaved terrain. They feature reinforced axles and long-travel suspension to handle elevation changes and absorb bumps. The footwear is fit for purpose too, offering increased diameter wheels and all-terrain tyres. The chassis is raised well off the ground to make room for the larger wheels and allow more travel for the suspension. The outer shell is reinforced with guards and skid plates to protect it from casual damage when traversing an off-road trail. The result is a vehicle that can keep up with your 4WD bakkie or SUV off the beaten path.

We offer a wide selection of trailers, motorhomes, and caravans that can handle off-road conditions. Now, you can look forward to turning off the tarmac and deal with some gravel instead of dreading the prospect. That is why you drive that all-wheel-drive vehicle that is designed specifically for coping in such conditions. Now, you can have a trailer that does the same, keeping up with your vehicle when tackling challenging terrain. Bring the basic comforts of home along with you when exploring the great outdoors and don’t let some gravel or uneven terrain stand in your way.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes can deliver a solution for those looking for off-road trailers for their next camping trip. Our range of new and pre-owned caravans can be the solution to suit your needs. For more information on our available models and prices, please peruse our website.

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