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Camping is very popular amongst South Africans. Since this country has the perfect climate and scenery for outdoors living, camping has been a great way to spend holiday time with family and friends for years. Nature can be harsh at times, so many people prefer caravanning when they are out camping. A caravan circumvents some of the perils of tent living – not only does it provide a proper bed to sleep in at night, but it also offers ablution and cooking amenities. At Kennis, we offer a wide selection of used caravans for sale.

If you want to go caravanning, you need a suitable vehicle to tow the caravan to your camping destination. South Africans love bakkies and luckily, a double-cab bakkie turns out to be an ideal tow vehicle. And if your bakkie needs some extra equipment to take on the trails, 4x4@Kennis can provide a range of solutions to upgrade your vehicle for the great outdoors. With your vehicle all sorted, you only need to find the right caravan from amongst the array of new or used models we offer for sale.

Used Caravans for Sale

Caravans are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes from a variety of manufacturer. Fortunately, our selection of used caravans is comprehensive, ensuring that you will find the perfect caravan for you. We have 2-sleeper models that are compact and ideal for couples. We also feature larger models that cater for four people, just right for families. When it comes to extras, most of the used caravans that we offer for sale already have all the basics you need. These include kitchenware, gas stoves, and power outlets, to name only a few.
We also sport a range of brands to choose from. Most people are loyal to their car brand of choice and it is the same with caravan brands. Therefore, we sell Fendt, Gypsey, Jurgens, CI, Sprite, and Wilk used caravans to give you a wide choice. Used caravans can save you a lot of money and turn out to be a great deal, so if you are looking for used caravans at fair prices, Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is where you will find them.

4x4 @ Kennis is a 4x4 fitment division of Kennis LeisureWorld. We offer an extensive selection of useful upgrades and fitment options for your 4x4 vehicle. These options include performance-enhancing and functionality upgrades to your vehicle. Whether it is something as simple as a winch being added to your bumper, or as complex as installing air suspension, we can take care of it. We also offer performance brakes and exhaust systems to add a little more grunt to your vehicle’s engine. In conclusion, we can enhance your vehicle in many more ways to handle the great outdoors even more efficiently.

Whether it is used caravans, motorhomes, or trailers, we have a large selection of camping vehicles and equipment for sale. For more information, please browse our website for detailed listings on our available stock. Choose Kennis today and make the most of your camping experience this year.

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