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We Have A Variety of Used Caravans and Motorhomes for Sale

South Africa has an avid community of campers and caravanners. With so many holiday destinations and campsites around, it is easy to see why we love the outdoors – and there are many ways to enjoy it. Some people prefer to sleep in tents while others want the comfort of a caravan or motorhome. If you need some creature comforts when camping, consider one of the many caravans or motorhomes currently for sale.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a large variety of used caravans and motorhomes for sale at great prices. Our range covers a wide range of different sizes and configurations to choose from at every price point. Caravans and motorhomes can sleep an entire family if you choose one big enough. They are an ideal choice for those who like to bring some comforts of home to the campsite. Today, we will look at a few things you should consider when shopping for caravans or motorhomes..

Our Selection

Caravans and motorhomes are popular worldwide. Although these vehicles can be expensive when bought new, they can serve you well for years. Having more than enough space is always a benefit on a camping trip. It is often a difficult task to fit all the camping gear into a car, bakkie, or SUV. With a caravan in tow, this is no longer a problem, because you gain a lot of extra packing space. Amongst the selection of used caravans and motorhomes that we offer for sale, you will find the ideal one for your camping needs.

When it comes to caravans, you need a strong and capable vehicle to tow it. South Africans love their double-cab bakkies and these make for ideal towing vehicles. Finding the perfect caravan to suit your needs should be an easy task at Kennis. Our all-encompassing range features caravans that are large enough to comfortably accommodate four people and are ideal for families. If you only need a caravan for a couple, the smaller models are ideal, not to mention more manoeuvrable and lighter. Simply determine the right size and price, and you can drive off the ideal caravan for your next camping trip..

Motorhomes lean more towards the recreational-vehicle category, and while these are sizeable vehicles, their advantage is that you have nothing in tow. Motorhomes are motorised caravans and they are typically used for extended road trips and journeys with holiday destinations that are far away. Simply stop along the road at a suitable place and have everything that you need to get through the night. From the selection of used caravans and motorhomes that we offer for sale, you will quickly find one that is perfect for your family’s requirements.

Kennis goes beyond merely selling used caravans and motorhomes. We also offer a selection of other useful camping gear for sale. If you need some modification done to your 4x4, we can take care of what you need to have done to prepare your vehicle for the great outdoors. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for complete listings of our available stock.

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