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Camping is a popular activity among South Africans. Since this country has so many stunning campsites, it is very easy to go camping over long weekends and holidays. Caravans bring the basic comforts of home to the campsite. With most campsites also having caravan parks, it only makes sense to hook up that mobile home to the bakkie or SUV and enjoy its comforts while camping. Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a variety of second-hand caravans for sale at fair prices.

When buying a new car, the monthly instalments can be costly. The pre-owned market thrives due to the high prices of new cars. People can save money by buying a second-hand vehicle instead of a new model and the same goes for caravans. Our selection of pre-owned caravans offers suitable options for all manner of people. We have a variety of leading brands and offer many quality caravans for sale. Today, we will briefly consider a few important points to look at when browsing through all those second-hand caravans you see for sale.

Buying A Pre-Owned Caravan

First, you need to establish the size of the caravan that you want to buy. It makes no sense to buy a caravan fit for two when you have a family of four. The next point is to ensure that the caravan has everything that you require on a camping trip. Gas stoves, batteries, and other essentials might not always come as standard with every model. Considering the roads that you will be travelling on, it is essential to buy a model that can handle those roads. We offer a selection of regular and off-road caravans for sale, so you will always be able to find a model that suits your requirements.

Large caravans usually feature single instead of double axles. The additional axle grants more stability when travelling and can carry a larger, heavier body. However, the double axle does not allow for too much tilting for driving over abrupt rises or through gullies. On the open road, this is not a problem, but on the off-road trails, you need to drive very slowly and carefully – and might still get stuck. With a single-axle off-road caravan, this problem is virtually eliminated. These models have raised suspension systems and bigger tyres to make life on gravel trails much easier to deal with.

Finally, the price of the pre-owned caravan you consider buying must be right. The whole point of buying a second-hand model is to save money. Therefore, it only makes sense if you do. You will find that our selection at Kennis has fair prices. We are experts in caravanning and can deliver sound advice and guidance too. The second-hand caravans that we offer for sale are thoroughly inspected to ensure that we know as much as possible about each model. This is reflected on our website as well. With more than enough information on every individual caravan to make an informed decision, you are assured to make a wise purchase.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a sensible collection of second-hand caravans and they are for sale at sensible prices. Please peruse our website for more information on these models.

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