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South Africa offers a rich and fulfilling experience thanks to its setting in African nature. We have a plethora of enjoyable campsites across the country, offering unique and fun experiences for the whole family. As a result, we have a thriving and enthusiastic camping and 4x4 community. Kennis LeisureWorld offers a wide variety of affordable ways to get into caravanning and start exploring the great outdoors of South Africa. Anything from second-hand caravans to 4x4 vehicle fitment options, we cover it all to ensure a wonderful outdoor experience.

Camping equipment is critical for any camping trip. Your equipment will determine if your trip is a roaring success or if your expectations go up in smoke. Kennis LeisureWorld can meet any and all requirements regarding camping equipment, starting with the mode of transport that will get you to your campsite. Caravans, motorhomes, and large camping trailers are viable options for camping trips. Today, we will focus on how Kennis can deliver workable solutions regarding the equipment you need for your next big camping trip.

Camping Made Easy

Kennis LeisureWorld offers a selection of brand-new and pre-owned motorhomes to choose from. These motorhomes are available in both production and 4x4 overland configurations. Through our partnership with Motorhome-World, you get a comprehensive selection of motorhomes to browse through. Motorhomes are simplistic and offer a fast and easy way to enjoy the open road and the camping lifestyle over a weekend. They are ideal for small families of between two and four people. These vehicles are essentially drivable caravans, just without the need to hook it up to a tow vehicle to get to your destination.

Speaking of caravans, Kennis LeisureWorld offers a wide variety of pre-owned caravans for sale as well. From small models that are ideal for only two people to the large deluxe models that offer ample space, we cover them all. Caravanning becomes affordable with our range of pre-owned models. Our selection covers a handful of well-known brands to ensure that you can get you hands on a quality model to suit your preferences. Now, you can bring along the whole family on a camping vacation with your caravan hooked to your bakkie or SUV.

4x4 @ Kennis is a 4x4 fitment division of Kennis LeisureWorld. We offer an extensive selection of useful upgrades and fitment options for your 4x4 vehicle. These options include performance-enhancing and functionality upgrades to your vehicle. Whether it is something as simple as a winch being added to your bumper, or as complex as installing air suspension, we can take care of it. We also offer performance brakes and exhaust systems to add a little more grunt to your vehicle’s engine. In conclusion, we can enhance your vehicle in many more ways to handle the great outdoors even more efficiently.

Kennis LeisureWorld has everything that you need to enjoy camping and exploring in South Africa. Browse our website for details on our available caravans, motorhomes, and trailers for images, prices, and specifications. Let our selection of camping equipment and machinery enhance your outdoor experience for your next big camping trip.

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