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Caravanning is a fun way for the family to hit the road and break away from their daily work and school routines. South Africa is a beautiful country with a myriad of caravan campsites across the country to choose from. Some of these campsites have designated caravan parking for those who like to bring some basic comfort to the great outdoors. Caravans come in all shapes and sizes today; therefore, it is important to choose a caravan that will fit your requirements.

If you like hitting the open road and sleeping in caravan parks, a luxury caravan is an ideal option for you. However, if you are the adventurous type that prefers the wilderness and heading off the road, an off-road caravan is the better option. The concept of off-road caravans was born out of the need for a caravan that can handle rough and uneven terrain as well as the vehicle towing it. Since South Africa has many challenging trails that lead to remote campsites, an off-road caravan is the ideal solution.

Kennis Sells Pre-Owned Off-Road Caravans

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a selection of pre-owned caravans for sale. We also offer off-road models in our pre-owned selection. As with cars, brand-new caravans can be financially out of reach for some people. Therefore, the pre-owned market is booming in this country. Now, you can get the same benefits when shopping for caravans, but more affordably. The Jurgens Safari range has always been a viable option in the off-road caravan department. These caravans have unique features to help them deal with off-road territory.

One of the first things that is noticeable on the Jurgens Safari is its raised suspension. The extra height allows for bigger off-road tyres to be fitted on the chassis. These tyres result in better grip on sand, dirt, and other loose terrain. The raised ride height and increased suspension travel also helps the suspension to deal with bumps much better than a regular caravan ever could. With the focus on off-road ability, the chassis is reinforced to deal with all the shocks of driving off-road. The Safari also has protective shielding on the bottom part of the caravan. This protects the caravan’s undercarriage from damage from bumps and flying rocks or debris during off-road travelling..

If you are looking for a selection of pre-owned off-road caravans, Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is where you can find it. We currently have a selection of Safari Xcape and Xplorer models to choose from. These caravans are pre-owned but can still take on the trails. We also sell brand-new models of the Jurgens Safari Xcape and Xplorer off-road caravans. In the end, you will have more to choose from than initially expected regarding off-road camper models.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes is where you will find a thorough selection of workable solutions for caravans and motorhomes. We have brand-new and pre-owned luxury and off-road caravans for sale. For more information on our available stock, feel free to peruse the website. Take charge of your camping life and don’t let a rocky road get in the way of your caravanning anymore.

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