4x4 Safari Caravans

4x4 Safari Caravans for Any Off-Road Adventure

4x4 vehicles are designed for those who want to travel over uneven and unpaved terrain. In South Africa, we have thousands of kilometres of that type of terrain. Therefore, the 4x4 culture is thriving and growing. We also have many people who love camping and spending time in the great outdoors. Luckily, South African suppliers have a wide selection of gear for them. To bring the world of 4x4 enthusiasts and campers together, Jurgens created the Safari caravan series. Now, you can hook your off-road caravan to your 4x4 and be off on your camping journey.

The world of off-roading is challenging and demanding. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a vehicle can handle the punishment of travelling over rough and uneven terrain. For 4x4 vehicles, the formula is simple. Raised suspension systems, reinforced chassis, bigger off-road tyres, stronger wheels, and dual-range gearboxes bolster a 4x4 vehicle’s abilities when travelling off-road. Many of these concepts are seen in the Jurgens Safari caravans. Today, we will have a look at what it takes for a caravan to be off-road capable..

Safari Caravans for Your 4x4 Vehicle

To start, we look at the interior of the Safari caravan, Here, you will find a selection of creature comforts and conveniences to make your 4x4 trip more pleasant. These include a comfortable bed, safe storage space, and appliances and accessories for preparing food out in the wild. When we turn our attention to the exterior, you’ll notice this caravan is drastically different to a luxury on-road caravan. First, the suspension is raised to traverse 4x4 territory. With the raised suspension, the caravan can sit on larger 4x4 tyres and wheels to optimise grip and clearance on uneven and loose terrain.

Second, the lower parts of these Safari caravans are usually reinforced to protects the caravan from potential damage sustained from travelling on rough roads. The chances of loose rocks and other debris hitting the caravan is increased with the tow vehicle kicking up a hail of stones while driving over these surfaces. Third, these caravans have a rugged finish to make them fit right into the world of 4x4 exploration. As a result, a Safari caravan is an ideal option to take off-roading for the weekend..

South Africans love caravanning, camping, and 4x4 vehicles. With Jurgens’ Safari caravan range, these worlds come together and the results speak for themselves. Having a caravan that can keep up on tricky and challenging off-road territory is a boon for camping trips. Many campsites do not have any paved roads leading to them. This poses a challenge to low-riding caravans that need to be nursed over the smallest of bumps in the road. Bring out your inner wild child and come to Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes to browse our selection of pre-owned Jurgens Safari caravans.

If you have a 4x4 standing in the driveway and you love to camp, the Safari caravans are ideal. We offer a selection of pre-owned models to choose from. For more information on these caravans, please contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Kennis today and do not be limited by the ability of your caravan anymore..

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