Top Off-Road Caravans for Your 4x4 Adventures

Off-Road Caravans for Your 4x4 Adventures

Gravel roads are common in South Africa. Main roads and highways are commonly paved, but roads off the beaten path aren’t. This poses a problem when trying to reach remote vacation spots, as well as for people not living in the main city areas. Everyone going on vacation has to deal with gravel roads some time or another. Off-road 4x4 vehicles are popular for South Africans living outside the main cities, because these vehicles can handle rough roads with ease. Now, you can have a caravan that does the same.

Caravans are not self-powered, so they are dependent on the vehicle to which they are attached. Everything goes swimmingly when travelling on smooth asphalt and tarmac road surfaces, but when the road surface changes, so does the caravan’s behaviour. Luxury caravans are set on stiff, low suspension systems. This means they are harsh and bumpy on gravel roads, with insufficient suspension travel. Suddenly, the caravan begins to influence the vehicle it is attached to. This poses a threat that can lead to losing control over your vehicle.

Caravans for Handling Off-Road Surfaces

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a selection of off-road caravans to deal with gravel roads. Ideally, these caravans are hooked up to 4x4 vehicles. The Jurgens Safari Xcape is an off-road caravan with a unique design to handle these road conditions. It features reinforced lower body panels to deal with any debris being kicked up while travelling on gravel roads. The chassis is raised, and the suspension is supple for good bump absorption. The bigger wheels also improve the overall grip and stability of the caravan.

Off-road caravans can be towed on almost any road surface. These caravans do not bounce, teeter, bob, and weave when hitting gravel roads. Instead, just like a proper 4x4 vehicle, they absorb bumps and let the long-travel suspension deal with sudden surface changes. Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers the Jurgens Safari Xcape for sale. This robust caravan does not only have handy off-roading ability, but it also has some added luxury for die-hard caravanners.

The Safari Xcape features a 2-burner gas stove, along with a fridge/freezer combo for storing food in the great outdoors. It also has a 60-ℓ water tank and gas geyser for a steady water supply. This caravan features a 12-V deep-cycle battery system to supply electricity while camping. It also has 220-V power sockets to deliver the electricity to your appliances and devices. The Xcape features a bathroom with a pull-out shower handle for ablution purposes. It also has Porta-Pottie storage. Interior storage wardrobes, cupboards, and lockers offer more than enough room to keep all your belongings, clothes, and food secure while enjoying the great outdoors. As a result, The Jurgens Safari Xcape covers all the bases regarding off-road caravanning.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes has practical options regarding off-road caravans for 4x4 adventures. These models can easily be hooked up to a 4x4 vehicle and will keep up with the rigours of tricky road surfaces. For more information on the Jurgens Safari Xcape, please peruse our website. Choose Kennis today for all your camping and caravanning needs and take advantage of our fair prices and all-inclusive inventory.

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