Second-Hand Sprite Caravans for Sale

Second-Hand Sprite Caravans for Sale

South Africans love caravanning and this country has a plethora of camping locations to enjoy. Most of these locations also feature caravan parks. This allows South Africans to hook up their caravans to the back of their bakkies or SUVs and take the family for a weekend away from the busy city life. Caravanning is a fantastic option for self-reliant camping. It brings some basic luxury and comfort along to the camp terrain. Cosy beds and functional cooking facilities are better than building a fire and sleeping in a tent for most people.

At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we have brand-new and second-hand Sprite caravans for sale. These caravans offer all the camping essentials to enhance your caravanning experience. They also have the ability to handle bumpy and tricky road surfaces. This is a common occurrence when travelling to remote camping sites. Today, we will cover some of the second-hand Sprite caravans that we offer for sale. Not everybody can afford brand-new caravans and, as a result, the second-hand market is thriving. Our great deals and fair prices allow you to become a caravan owner as well.

Used Sprite Caravans for Sale

Our range of second-hand Sprite caravans offers a wide selection. The Sprite Swing range is available in sizes for smaller families. These models are ideal for three or four people sharing the caravan over a holiday period. They feature dinette sleeping beds to bring luxury and comfort to the great outdoors. Stoves, basins, and cabinets are standard interior accessories. This makes food preparation easier while camping and it also allows for usable food and beverage storage. These caravans run on a single axle thanks to their compact size and they can take on both short and long distances.

We also have second-hand Sprite Tourer models for sale. These caravans focus more on luxury and interior space. Ideal for families of up to four people, the Sprite Tourer range has everything you need for cooking and a host electrical appliances. These caravans also run on single axles and can take on many types of roads with ease. The Sprite Tourer range is focused on family caravanning. As a result, these caravans can easily accommodate four people over a holiday period. They make for great choices as second-hand caravans as well.

Finally, we offer new and second-hand Sprite BacTrax caravans for sale. These models are built for handling off-road and gravel terrain, ideal for South Africa’s countryside and other places with rough roads that pose a problem to luxury caravans. The BacTrax series features a raised and reinforced chassis and suspension to cope with these roads. They also have larger wheels to handle tricky surfaces. If you are looking for a rugged approach to caravanning, the BacTrax is an ideal choice.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a big range of new and second-hand caravans for sale. Whether you want a Sprite or a Jurgens, we have what you need. Feel free to browse our website for details on our inventory, prices, and images of our available models. Choose Kennis today and get your hands on an ideal caravan or motorhome for you and your family. We offer fair prices and an exhaustive range to choose from.

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