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At Deltec Energy Solutions, we do more than just sell batteries, our focus has moved to improving today’s energy supply demands in South Africa with the latest renewable energy solutions. We believe you can manage your energy consumption in all areas of your life independently. Our team are here to provide you with superior quality products and the latest battery technologies most suitable for your lifestyle.


Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
The mat of microglass fibres which is used for filtering the sulphuric acid in lead batteries.

Acid Stratification
When charging a lead acid cell, high density acid is produced in the plates. This heavy acid drops as a result of gravitation to the lower part of the cell while lower density acid rises to the top of the cell. This stratification of acid can cause loss of capacity and/or battery failure.

Active Material
The active material in the positive plates is lead dioxide and that in the negative is metallic sponge lead. When an electrical circuit is created, these materials react with sulphuric acid during charging and discharging according to the following chemical reaction:
PbO2 + Pb + 2H2SO4 = 2PbSO4 + 2H2O

Ampere (Amp, A)
The unit of measure of the electron flow, or current, through a circuit.

Ampere Hours (Amp-Hr, AH)
A unit of measure for a battery’s electrical storage capacity, obtained by multiplying the current in amperes by the time in hours of discharge. (Example: A battery which delivers 5 amperes for 20 hours delivers 5 amperes x 20 hours = 100 Amp-Hr of capacity.)

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