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Sprite Swing BacTrax Caravans for Sale

A new trend in the motoring industry is the crossover vehicle, offering a product somewhere between a low-riding car and a high-riding SUV, hopefully conferring some advantage of both. You have to shop well, however, to make sure your vehicle fulfils all its briefs to your satisfaction. For those who seek versatility in their vehicles, the crossover is an all-rounder that can generally handle most of the things thrown its way.

At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we have developed a crossover breed of caravans to bring the luxury of a regular caravan and combine it with a reinforced chassis and suspension setup to deal with off-road terrain, delivering an all-round caravan that can travel over almost any type of road or terrain. The Sprite Swing BacTrax B and S models we offer for sale feature the luxury of a regular caravan, with the addition of a heavy-duty axle and an increase to 15-inch wheels to give these caravans better ground clearance and help them deal with off-road terrain. Today, we will cover the Sprite Swing BacTrax B model and see how this crossover caravan can give you a an exciting new way to enjoy the great outdoors, allowing for off-road driving that is not within the ambit of your average luxury mobile home away from home.

The Sprite Swing BacTrax B

As part of the selection of two Sprite Swing BacTrax models we offer for sale, the BacTrax B offers a rugged and affordable caravan that is equipped to handle the great outdoors in grand style. The addition of the heavy-duty axle grants a carrying capacity of 600 kg, with a sealed back window to eliminate dust from entering the caravan while travelling over gravel roads. The overall length of this Sprite Swing BacTrax model comes in at 6440 mm, with a body width of 2160 mm to deliver a spacious and comfortable interior with a rugged exterior especially for demanding environments.

The exterior features a fold-out wash-up facility and the kitchen facilities inside include a 2-burner gas stove, a storage compartment, and a microwave oven to give you several ways to prepare food while enjoying the great outdoors. Inside, you will find enough room for four people to sleep, featuring a large double bed and a convertible dinette to give you some versatility in terms of sleeping setups inside the Sprite Swing BacTrax B. As you can see, there is now a proper crossover caravan for sale that you can hook up to your off-road vehicle and be ready for almost any terrain that might cross your path on the way to your holiday destination, giving you the means to get there in one piece and the versatility that camping requires.

Kennis Caravans and Motorhomes offers a unique take on caravans, offering crossover models such as the Sprite Swing BacTrax models for sale, along with our comprehensive selection of new and used caravans and motorhomes to ensure that you can join the world of caravanning on your own terms. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on these models.

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