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South Africa plays host to some of the most stunning safari and camping destinations in the world, with more than enough options being offered in the Lowveld, not to mention areas closer to the coast. When it comes to a proper safari or camping trip, you need the appropriate camping equipment to not only get you there in one piece, but also sustain your holiday without running into problems or out of supplies. Caravans are popular for holidays, allowing you to bring along the basic comforts of home to your campsite when heading to the Kruger National Park for a breakaway.

The problem with caravans and campers is that they are rarely designed for handling off-road travelling, slowing down happy campers on the way to their destinations, and potentially suffering breakdowns on the way. Therefore, Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a selection of safari caravans and campers that can cope with off-road travelling and uneven road surfaces much more efficiently than regular caravan and camper designs. These models are ideal for safari and camping purposes, giving you the rugged design you need to easily conquer off-road travelling to get to your desired destination. Today, we will focus on the features of one such safari caravan, which can be the ideal camper off the beaten track in South Africa.

The Jurgens Safari Xcape

Just by looking at this incredible camper, it is easy to see why it is such a viable option when looking for safari caravans and campers for your next holiday. With raised suspension, off-road wheels, and a protective lower shell to minimise casual damage while travelling over gravel roads, the Xcape will tag along on almost any road surface without problems. Safari caravans and campers should offer optimal stability while travelling, and the Xcape features a 1513-mm track width to deliver that stability. Looking at some features that will enhance your caravan and camper experience while on safari, the Xcape features a 2-burner gas stove, a 56-ℓ SnoMaster fridge and freezer, and two gas bottles and regulators to help with the catering side of the holiday; ideal for the occasional braai in the Bushveld.

The Xcape also features 220-V power sockets, 12-V interior and exterior lights, and a 12-V deep-cycle battery system with a charger and level indicator to power the electronics in your safari caravan, giving you access to electricity to keep mobile devices charged and lighting up your campsite at night. A bathroom with a pull-out shower handle, a 220-V gas geyser, and portable toilet storage will take care of any ablution needs on your camping trip, rounding out a comprehensive approach to a safari caravan or camper that will not only bring along some creature comforts on your holiday, but can handle the gravel roads on your journey with ease.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers what you need when it comes to safari caravans and campers. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and prices, or contact us directly with any enquiries about our wide range of camping equipment we have for sale.

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