Campworld Caravans for Sale

Campworld Caravans

The great outdoors has always been part of South African holidays, with more than enough vacation spots to enjoy across the country. Many South Africans choose to camp in style and comfort, hooking their caravans to the back of their bakkies or SUVs and taking the long road to the campsite where they will spend the next week or two in serenity, surrounded by nature. At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we offer a wide variety of Campworld caravans for sale, with new and used models to choose from for a comprehensive selection when looking to buy your own caravan.

People will always have different approaches to camping, with some preferring the campsite environment, while others search for a secluded spot where they can park the caravan and set up camp in a more adventurous setting. As a result, some people need a more rugged design of caravan to deal with the rough terrain on the way to the campsite, with gravel and dirt roads always being in the picture when it comes to spending some time in the South African outdoors. Today, we will have a closer look at which of the Campworld caravans we have for sale can prove ideal for your next holiday, and how these caravans can enrich your outdoor experience by bringing your creature comforts camping with you.

Kennis's Selection of Caravans for Sale

With a wide variety of locations to choose from when taking the family on a camping holiday, you need a caravan that can handle long road trips and be versatile enough to adapt within different settings. Our selection of Jurgens Safari models is where we kick off the range of Campworld caravans we offer for sale. The Jurgens Safari Xcape offers a rugged design and is perfect for a 2-person holiday in the great outdoors, with bigger wheels and a more robust chassis and design to handle the dirt roads. The Xcape also has a bigger brother called the Xplorer, offering the same type of rugged design with a little more space and features to take with you on holiday.

For a very family-friendly approach, our range of Sprite Hi-Rider models offer more space and various luxuries for that camping trip, with both Splash and Swing models available under the selection of brand-new Campworld caravans we have for sale. We also offer a selection of regular Sprite and Sprite Tourer models too, including the Splash, Sprint, and Swing models, as well as the Tourer SP and SW models, for a wide range of new Campworld caravans for sale. We also offer a range of used models to those who are interested in browsing through our selection, with more than enough caravan options to find an ideal model for your preferences.

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a comprehensive selection of Campworld caravans for sale, whether you want a brand-new model or prefer a used model. For more information on these amazing caravans, feel free to peruse our website for details, images, and prices, or contact us directly with enquiries. Choose Kennis for all your camping and caravanning needs and let us ensure that your next camping trip has all the equipment you need.

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