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South Africa has a vibrant camping and outdoors community, and many people love visiting the great outdoors on weekends and holidays to break away from the busy and demanding city life. As a result, many South Africans drive 4x4 vehicles that can handle rough and uneven terrain to get them to their destination with ease. However, they would have trouble towing a regular caravan on those roads, as they rarely suitable for 4x4 terrain.

Resorting to sleeping in a tent on these breakaway trips in Mother Nature might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and this is where Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes can provide a caravan that is capable of handling the 4x4 environment, giving you the ideal combination of comfort and durability to ensure that you have a place to rest at the end of a day of exploring. With a couple of extras to enhance your camping experience, there is an ideal option to consider amongst the off-road caravans for sale that can handle 4x4 terrain. Without any further delay, let’s delve into the details of this incredible caravan Kennis offers for sale.

The Jurgens Safari Xcape

If you drive a 4x4 vehicle and you are looking for suitable caravans for sale that will keep up with where you are going, the Jurgens Safari Xcape is the ideal option for you. With a rugged exterior to fit in perfectly with the demanding 4x4 environment, combined with a raised stance and bigger off-road wheels, the Safari Xcape offers almost everything you need in terms of design and integrity to be considered an ideal caravan for 4x4 vehicles. The Xcape has a gross vehicle mass of 1400 kg, with a track width of 1513 mm to optimise its balance and stability while driving over uneven terrain. Being in the great outdoors, creature comforts such as electricity and hot running water may be lacking, except if you take your caravan with you; the Xcape has all these features.

This caravan provides a 2-burner gas stove and a 60-ℓ SnoMaster fridge/freezer to ensure that you can easily prepare proper cooked meals as well as enjoy cold beverages at your leisure. A 60-ℓ water tank with a 12-V pump and a water level indicator will give you ablution options when camping in the great outdoors with your 4x4 vehicle. Your Xcape has a bathroom and a pull-out shower handle, ready for any adventure on your holiday trip. The battery system features a 12-V deep cycle with a charger and a level indicator to supply electricity for when you need it through powered 220-V in and out sockets to keep the mobile devices charged and ready to snap a ton of pictures.

Kennis Caravans offers a variety of caravans and motorhomes for sale, ideal for 4x4 vehicles, SUVs, and almost any other type of vehicle that can tow a caravan to your camping destination. For more information on our comprehensive selection, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with enquiries. Bring comfort along on your next 4x4 holiday with one of the off-road caravans we have for sale.

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