Exploring Beautiful Roads

In Gauteng, we have a high-paced lifestyle, with the busy city life consuming us in a drive to get as much done as possible throughout a regular work day. Since we do not live on the lush South African coastline, we do not have a wonderful scenic view from our office buildings that stretches out over the ocean or a beach along which we can walk at the end of a long day. What we do have is only a couple of hours’ driving until we hit the Bushveld, with various vacation and camping spots to explore and enjoy, breaking away from the rat race for a while.

With the variety of areas around Pretoria and Johannesburg offering gravel roads that lead to remote locations, including a wide selection of beautiful camping sites, the use of caravans and motorhomes have been very popular for South Africans living in the area, and many drive these vehicles to the coast for an even better camping experience. Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes offers a variety of caravans, motorhomes, trailers, and other camping equipment for sale, giving you a comprehensive selection to ensure that your camping experience will not only provide the necessary resources and tools, but also some simple creature comforts to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Kennis offers quality brands and products, as well as specialised off-road caravans and motorhomes for the rougher gravel roads that you might come across in South Africa. No matter what you require for your next camping exhibition, Kennis has what you need.

Our Selection of Caravans and Motorhomes

At Kennis, we ensure that you have a comprehensive selection of caravans and motorhomes to choose from, starting with our motorhomes. We offer a selection of five Motorhome-World models to ensure that you can get the perfect motorhome for your camping experience. Kennis offers a base model, with an Iveco and Mercedes-Benz option available as well, combined with some package options that include comfort, luxury, and multimedia options to your specific preferences.

Should you be one for the more demanding environments, the Discoverer Xtreme can get you where you want to go. This 4WD off-road motorhome is designed specifically to handle rough roads and uneven terrain, making the drive to remote campsites possible for this motorhome. Kennis also offers a selection of caravans for sale, with the Jurgens Safari caravans being ideal options for challenging roads and off-road terrain. We also offer a range of Kennis Sprite caravans, with their very own Crossover BacTrax and Hi-Rider models to choose from, as well as the base models. Whether you need a regular caravan that can handle the long tarmac roads for a vacation to the coast, or an off-road caravan to take to the Bushveld, Kennis has the ideal model for you.

Should you want more information about the selection of Kennis caravans and motorhomes we have for sale, peruse our website for images and specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let us enhance your next camping experience with one of our quality caravans and motorhomes to get you there.

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