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Go on The Ultimate Safari

South Africa plays host to some of the most stunning safari and camping destinations in the world, with more than enough options being offered in the Lowveld, not to mention areas closer to the coast. When it comes to a proper safari or camping trip, you need the appropriate camping equipment to not only get you there in one piece, but also sustain your holiday without running into problems or out of supplies. Caravans are popular for holidays, allowing you to bring along the basic comforts of home to your campsite when heading to the Kruger National Park for a breakaway.

Rough Roads

South Africa offers a wide variety of vacation destinations, with different experiences such as the Bushveld and the coast to choose from when hitting the road for a well-deserved holiday break. Caravans are also very popular, offering a viable option for those who like to bring some comforts from home along on their camping trips. Since many of the holiday destinations require travelling on gravel roads or off-road trails, South Africans use vehicles that can easily handle uneven road surfaces, with bakkies and SUVs being very popular as daily drivers and holiday vehicles.

Campworld Caravans

The great outdoors has always been part of South African holidays, with more than enough vacation spots to enjoy across the country. Many South Africans choose to camp in style and comfort, hooking their caravans to the back of their bakkies or SUVs and taking the long road to the campsite where they will spend the next week or two in serenity, surrounded by nature. At Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, we offer a wide variety of Campworld caravans for sale, with new and used models to choose from for a comprehensive selection when looking to buy your own caravan.

Second-Hand Caravans

When it comes to buying vehicle of any description, South Africans not only consider brand-new vehicles, but also look at second-hand models for sale. As with cars and motorcycles, caravans and motorhomes can also be acquired through second-hand purchase, giving the buyer even more options to ensure that they can buy the ideal model for their requirements. The second-hand market in South Africa is booming, with viable buying options for those who are first-time owners or do not have the wherewithal to buy new.

Caravans for Off-Roading

South Africa has a vibrant camping and outdoors community, and many people love visiting the great outdoors on weekends and holidays to break away from the busy and demanding city life. As a result, many South Africans drive 4x4 vehicles that can handle rough and uneven terrain to get them to their destination with ease. However, they would have trouble towing a regular caravan on those roads, as they rarely suitable for 4x4 terrain.

Pre-Owned Models for Sale

There will always be a market for quality-approved pre-owned vehicles, offering people a more affordable means of getting their hands on high-end or expensive models that they would not be able to afford when buying new. In the caravanning industry, the situation is similar, with a strong demand for quality-approved pre-owned caravans for sale to those who would like to experience the caravanning culture but do not have the wherewithal to buy the latest, biggest, and best models on the market.

Off-Road Caravans For Sale

South Africa is a country full of spectacular sights and scenes, with some of the more noticeable one being what Mother Nature offers. Since this country is so rich in natural beauty, various vacation spots and vantage points can be enjoyed by only travelling a couple of hours from your home, often with gravel roads granting access to these remote spots that offer serenity and solace from the busy city life.

Exploring Beautiful Roads

In Gauteng, we have a high-paced lifestyle, with the busy city life consuming us in a drive to get as much done as possible throughout a regular work day. Since we do not live on the lush South African coastline, we do not have a wonderful scenic view from our office buildings that stretches out over the ocean or a beach along which we can walk at the end of a long day. What we do have is only a couple of hours’ driving until we hit the Bushveld, with various vacation and camping spots to explore and enjoy, breaking away from the rat race for a while.

Well Sell BacTrax Caravans

Caravanning is very popular among South Africans thanks to all the amazing camping spots around the country, highlighting the scenic beauty and tranquillity that Mother Nature has on offer in our own backyard. Camping is an affordable way to spending time away from home across the world, and in South Africa, we have plenty of camping options. Whether you prefer to sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent next to a dam while on a fishing trip, camp out in the Bushveld in a chalet, or drive your caravan to a scenic spot at a caravan park, we all have our preferences.

Inside the Sprite Swing Caravan

Caravans have always been a popular way to enjoy a long weekend or holiday in South Africa. For those who like to experience the great outdoors, but do not fancy sleeping in a tent or on the ground in a sleeping bag, caravans are the ideal alternative that will not only provide a comfortable bed to sleep in, but also bring some creature comforts to the camping site, with on-board cooking and ablution facilities to make life easier for the camper. If you love the outdoors, the Sprite Swing BacTrax caravan is an ideal option for you to consider, bringing a variety of features and conveniences to the campsite for you and your family to enjoy and take full advantage of on your breakaway caravanning trip.
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